Updates August 5

Members of the Caretaker Committee and the new NDATT Executive



Hi everyone,

As you know, we’re continuing to reach out to our members as we continue the revitalization of NDATT. So we’ve been updating the blog and our social media platforms, and we just wanted to update you on what we’ve done so far.



  1. For those who didn’t attend the AGM, there’s now a page letting you know who the new Executive is and their qualifications. You can find it here: https://thendatt.wordpress.com/meet-the-executive-members/
  2. If you are interested in joining or renewing your membership, send us an email at nationaldramatnt@gmail.com. We’re working on the membership forms and collecting registration fees.
  3. We’ve been updating the Facebook page and we’d love if everyone could like the page, and encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same: https://www.facebook.com/dramafuhso/
  4. We’ve started an Instagram page, which you can find at @national_drama_association_tt. Follow us, tag us in your Instagram posts, let’s get this thing moving!!
  5. A Calendar of Upcoming Events page has been started which it is hoped will help drive audiences to our different productions. If you have an event that isn’t mentioned, message the Facebook page or send us an email at nationaldramatnt@gmail.com. The page can be found at https://thendatt.wordpress.com/calendar-of-upcoming-events/. Share it around, tell your friends who want to know what to do this weekend where to get an idea and let’s get it out there!
  6. Don’t forget to share the whole blog and encourage people to follow it as well! https://thendatt.wordpress.com/
  7. Finally, the Executive will be having a retreat in a week, and we’d love to hear your comments and concerns. Send us an email or comment on the Facebook page! NDATT wants to be a voice for the theatre, which means you! So let us know what you expect of your Association.

There’s lots more work to be done, so let’s all work together to make NDATT a voice for the theatre here in T&T.